Bill Clinton once said that a politician complaining about the media is like a sailor complaining about the sea. So it is with your business or organisation. Media and stakeholder relations require sophisticated management and planning, and must survive and succeed in a world of 24 hour news, where the voice of the blogger can reach more people than the voice of the news reader.

Our team will help you set the news and editorial agenda through:

  • Creating coverage that systematically protects and enhances your reputation, pre-empting competitors and opponents for whom success comes at your expense;
  • Making sure that your voice reaches the constituencies that matter most to you, in the ways that are most effective for you;
  • Engaging with the media to maintain timely, reliable intelligence and strengthen influential relationships;
  • Devising and implementing pro-active and reactive media strategies and campaigns.

Deliverables include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Relationship Mapping
  • Research, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Reputation Management
  • Message and Key Line(s) Development
  • Media Release Writing
  • ‘Q and A’ Development and Fact Checking
  • Media Coaching, Scripting and Rehearsal
  • Writing Articles and Opinion Pieces
  • Speech Writing
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