The communications world is noisier and more complicated than ever before. Media are more factional, politicians more cynical, campaigners more vocal and the news cycle perpetual. You need to stay several steps ahead of your competitors and the regulators. To win, you must engage, persuade and convince, not just talk.

Three Point Two Communications brings you the right skills, experience and knowledge to reach the people and influence the outcomes that matter to you. By understanding the big picture, but still obsessing about the detail, we are able to create and execute imaginative, comprehensive and successful communication strategies.

Because of the specialist nature of our operation, Three Point Two Communications offers a flexibility and nimbleness that larger and more diverse providers cannot match. Our clients directly benefit from our intimate approach which emphasises, values and prioritises the needs and expectations of the client within the context of the wider environment. From fully integrated corporate communications to crisis management, from political lobbying to working the public policy process, we deliver the cost-effective, focused and sustainable results you need.

what others think about us

"Three Point Two brings astute political acumen and superb knowledge of all aspects of the governing and political process."

Corporate CEO and
Charitable Foundation Chairman
Phoenix, AZ

"Knowledgeable and trustworthy, qualities that make for a durable business relationship."

Government and Industry Affairs
Auckland, NZ