Even the best managed business or organisation can be hit by a crisis that threatens its good name, reputation, brand, and ability to function. It’s a turning point when the often frenzied attention of the media, regulators, politicians and consumers requires calm and considered responses. A bad call can do lasting damage.

Our team will help you emerge from a crisis intact and enhanced through:

  • Identifying the heart of the issue, taking control, scoping the damage potential, anticipating the attack, building the response and determining the approach;
  • Developing and implementing effective, coordinated strategies and tactics to minimise, or to avoid altogether, the negative impact of a pending or breaking crisis;
  • Keeping your important audiences and constituencies informed, reassured and on-side;
  • Preparing early warning systems, safeguards and ‘doomsday’ strategies and protocols to future-proof crisis response.

Deliverables include:

  • Issue Triage
  • Strategic and Tactical Counsel
  • Relationship Mapping
  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Message Development
  • Scripting and Coaching
  • Testing and Evaluating Crisis Response Preparedness
  • Response Systems Development
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